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Our Prices

Exam Prices

Exam TypeCostComment
Medical Exam$35.00Presenting with a medical problem
Medical exam 2+ pet$15.00If two or more pets have a problem
Establishment Exam$25.00A one time establish fee
Establish 2+ $10.00If two plus pets are getting established at the same time
Recheck Exam$15.00
Recheck Exam 2+$5.00
Pre-Surgical Exam$15.00

Preventative Care Services

Service CostComment
Rabies One Year$16.00
Rabies Three Year$21.00
Canine Distemper$20.00
Canine bordetella$20.00Intranasal and injectable
Canine Leptospirosis$20.00
Canine Lyme$32.00
FVRCP $20.00Feline core vaccine
FeLV $25.00Feline leukemia vaccine
Heartworm test$25.00
FeLV/FIV combo test$30.00
Fecal (in-house)$20.00
Fecal (send out)$25.00
Five day deworming$10.00-$15.00Weight based. Panacur.
Canine Influenza$32.00Bivalent H3N2 / H3N8

Spay & Neuter Prices

Canine SizeSpay CostNeuter Cost
Less than 25LB$85.00$70.00
26 - 40LB$95.00$80.00
41 - 55LB$105.00$90.00
56 - 70LB$115.00$100.00
71 - 85LB$125.00$110.00
86 - 100LB$135.00$120.00
Hernia Repair$30.00$30.00
In Heat $30.00
Dew Claw Removal$15.00 each$15.00 each
Cryptorchid Inguinal$30.00
Cryptorchid Abdominal$45.00
Feline SurgeriesSpayNeuter
In Heat$70.00

Elective Surgeries

Pre-surgical blood work$60.00Mandatory for animals >6 years old
Dental cleaning$220.00Pre-surgical exam required
Tooth extractions$5.00 - $25.00 eachDependent on time taken/difficulty to extract
Mass removal (1)$250.00Pre-surgical exam required
Mass removal (2+)$20.00 - 60.00Size dependent
Histopathology Report$130.00 - $150.00Report describing masses that are removed. No dependent.
Ear hematoma repair$200.00Pre-surgical exam required
Cat declawCall to discussRestrictions apply